Were you born to be a FIRST RESPONDER?


Are you called to respond to a planetary emergency which imperils the biosphere and the survival of the human species?

"We have been looking for you for a long time, watching and listening, awaiting your arrival at this threshold in your life! What you have been called to is the most challenging and most exhilarating work there is.” —Michael and Lynette Marie



A twelve-week online course for emerging first responders to a planetary emergency and catalysts for an evolutionary course-correction...

...the doorway to engagement in a growing community of co-creators who are committed to ushering in the Ecozoic epoch envisioned by Thomas Berry.


In all the great movements in the world today—environmental, peace and justice, freedom and sovereignty—an underlying evolutionary impulse has been calling us. And just when many are beginning to give up hope, we discover that there is much more at stake and much more now possible than we have ever imagined before!

Preparation for extraordinary service in an extraordinarily challenging situation...

You are called, born to lead the Deep Revolution—an evolutionary course-correction which will reverse the destruction of industrial civilization and ultimately usher in an era when humanity at last enters species adulthood and accepts responsibility for nurturing the conditions that foster the flourishing of life and consciousness.


If you yearn for the Deep Revolution to take root and grow exponentially in your arena of calling, you must take your place on the front lines. You know that healing and regeneration are urgent priorities, but it seems that almost no one else is speaking or acting this way. To ignite a new level of impact, effectiveness, and scale, you need to master the seven revolutionary stages of birthing transformational centers of aliveness—but you can’t make this happen. 


This course is intended for individuals who are serious about a radically systemic approach to the future, grounded in current and emerging realities, both scientific and spiritual.

In the introductory bootcamp of A Deeper Calling,
you will discover...

  • The truth about the devastating impacts of industrial civilization

  • Why environmental and social justice activist movements have been failing

  • The real reason you are called to this work, and why you have been resisting

  • How you can become a catalyst for healing, restoration, and regeneration in the arena of engagement to which you are called (even if you don't know what it is yet)

  • How new "centers of aliveness" will become our lifeboats to a regenerative future

  • How co-creation--an evolutionary approach to collaboration and cooperation--is the answer to igniting theDeep Revolutionary everywhere!



A Deeper Calling is as incendiary and contagious as Thomas Paine’s famous “Common Sense” pamphlet was in 1776, and holds the keys to the future of human freedom and sovereignty.


The next course begins July 3, with weekly live online discussions of each week's pre-recorded video presentation and accompanying homework. 


After the final online session, all members—including previous course participants—are invited to join the First Responder Convergence, an online experiential and co-creative gathering. 


Limited partial scholarships are available (especially for farmers and students). 


There is no additional tuition for you to attend the Convergence (or any future such Convergence).


. . .


If you resonate with this message and feel moved to consider joining us, please schedule a qualifying online interview. We look forward to meeting you and exploring how you can take your place on the front lines of the Deep Revolution!


Meet your instructors...

Experienced guides for the journey of a lifetime!

Our fundamental commitment is to find, recruit, inspire, train, and support individuals who are emerging as evolutionary catalysts, First Responders to a planetary emergency and evolutionary threshold.


This is who we are, and we cannot not be this.


You don’t need to know much more about us than that. 


Beyond that, we are students and servants of evolution and co-creation. 


We have reason to conclude that these commitments represent the path we have been on for a very long time. 


First, we are not experts in activism or policy. Our expertise, if we have any at all, is in evolution and co-creative process. We are but beginning students in this work.


We have refined our expertise in this arena while working in the area of food localization, which itself is a First Responder strategy. We now have experience of something like 13 years in this field, and have developed some recognized expertise in the emergence of local food systems, with the publication of two books, an unprecedented online Summit, and a Local Food Academy for emerging foodshed catalysts.


But this has merely been our laboratory of practical application of the principles and processes of evolution and co-creation, which we’re now making available to you for application in your own mission-field.


This work of localizing the food supply sits in the larger context of localization, sometimes called relocalization, which is the process by which communities can recover their ability to be resilient and self-reliant—rebuilding the capacity to meet their own essential needs locally in the face of crisis, even converging global crises.


Whatever your area of experience and expertise may be, we know that the principles and processes and tools we’ve honed in our years of localization work are directly applicable to your own particular mission-field. And we also know that the process of localization, and particularly the process of localizing the food supply, needs to become part of your mission—not the whole thing, but an essential and previously missing piece.


We know that once you incorporate these perspectives, principles, tools, and processes into your field of endeavor, you will find yourself able to take on a much deeper role there, one of evolutionary leadership, and thereby radically increase the impact, effectiveness, and scale of your work.


We realize this is a very big expectation to create, and we take it very seriously.

Apply now for A Deeper Calling!

The first online session is scheduled for July 3, 2019, and registration will close at midnight June 28 (MDT). Register before June 15 and receive a significant discount.


Please schedule a qualifying interview with us at the soonest possible moment, so we can engage in a conversation well before these dates. 

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