Were you born to lead the local food revolution? We've been looking for you!

“Our intention is that the Academy will empower you to achieve your goals in local food work by beginning to take your place as a leader of the local food revolution in your community. The Academy is designed to launch you into a life of being a long-time leader of the local food revolution in the place where you live. This is about you.” 


--Michael and Lynette Marie



An online bootcamp 
for emerging foodshed catalysts


Next session begins October 2019


Training for emerging foodshed catalysts...

If you want the local food movement to grow exponentially in your community, you must take your place on the front lines.


You know that localizing the food supply is an urgent priority, even though it seems that no one else is speaking or acting this way. 


To ignite a new level of impact, effectiveness, and scale, you need to master the seven revolutionary steps of building a regional foodshed.


The Local Food Academy is for people who are serious about developing local food systems.

In the Local Food Academy you'll discover...


  • The truth about the devastating impacts of the industrial food system, and how the destruction can be reversed.

  • Why the local food movement has been failing, and the steps necessary for course-correction.

  • The reason you are called to this work, and why you have been resisting.

  • How food localization can bring healing, restoration, and regeneration to your community.

  • How regional foodsheds will become our society’s lifeboats to a regenerative future

  • How collaboration and cooperation are the keys to the local food revolution.

Facilitated by Michael Brownlee (author of Reclaiming the Future: How to Lead the Local Food Revolution in Your Community) and co-creator Lynette Marie Hanthorn, the Local Food Academy is a three-month online training program delivered in twelve live weekly interactive video sessions.


What's included in 
the Local Food Academy



Lifetime access to our groundbreaking 11-module video course, “Igniting the Local Food Revolution.” This is the companion course to The Local Food Revolution: How Humanity Will Feed Itself in Uncertain Times.

Local Food Summit

Lifetime access to all content of the 2017 and 2018 Summit events, including 90+ interviews and presentations--plus all live sessions.




Live Weekly Sessions

Twelve live interactive video sessions (Mondays, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.), with ample time for questions, discussion, and coaching. Next bootcamp begins Nov. 12.




Membership in our growing Academy community, giving you 24/7 access. The interaction here is powerful!





Plus, you'll receive these special bonuses!

  • Certification

    After you complete the Academy training, you will also receive a frameable certificate recognizing you as a Foodshed Catalyst!

Meet your instructors...


Experienced guides for the food localization journey

Michael Brownlee is the author of Reclaiming the Future: How to Lead the Local Food Revolution in Your Community (2018) and The Local Food Revolution: How Humanity Will Feed Itself in Uncertain Times (2016).


A Colorado native, Michael lives in Boulder (“America’s foodiest town,” according to Bon Appetit magazine), where he and partner Lynette Marie Hanthorn operate Local Food Catalysts LLC, an online publishing and events company supporting emerging leaders in the unfolding local food revolution.


Together in 2017 they launched the Local Food Academy for emerging foodshed catalysts, offering online trainings, workshops, personal coaching, and consulting. 


Michael and Lynette Marie produced the online 2017 Local Food Summit, featuring more than 90 pre-recorded presentations and interviews with local food leaders in the U.S. and internationally.


They also initiated one of the first Slow Money investment groups in the U.S., providing low-interest loans to local food and farming enterprises in Colorado.


Previously, they co-founded Local Food Shift Group (formerly known as Transition Colorado, the first officially-recognized Transition Initiative in North America), a nonprofit organization dedicated to building community resilience and self-reliance through localizing the food supply.


Our promise...


In your Local Food Academy experience, you will be equipped with the perspective, the tools, the processes, and the support that will empower you to become radically more effective in the work of localizing the food supply in your community.

If you are called to this work, this Academy will ignite the local food revolution where it must begin—
inside yourself. This Academy is the doorway to shaping your life to become a catalytic leader in the historic local food revolution!

Apply for the Local Food Academy now!

We can accept only a very limited number of participants at a time, so we must choose carefully who we accept into the corps of revolutionary foodshed catalysts

Please complete the linked application as soon as possible. Then we will ask you to schedule an interview with us so we can better understand your needs and challenges, to answer your questions, and to determine together whether the Academy is an appropriate fit.


We look forward to hearing from you! 

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