How to live a life of destiny in a world running out of time... 


...even if you don't know where to begin!

Scientists have determined that this world has entered the Anthropocene epoch, a time of devastation of our biosphere, a mass extinction of species, and perhaps even the collapse of human civilization.


The good news? As an evolutionary course-correction, the Deep Revolution is arising in the hearts and minds of individuals everywhere who feel deeply called to usher in an era of healing, restoration, and regeneration.


We invite you to join us at the front lines of this Deep Revolution!

Upcoming Livecast (free)

  • Thursday, 13 June 2019,  at 2:00 p.m.

Time zone: Mountain Time (US & Canada)


About this livecast

  • Discover why you feel a deep inner calling, or passion, or a sense of purpose--and what's holding you back from living this successfully.


  • Learn the seven stages through which you can emerge as a first responder to a planetary emergency and a catalyst for evolutionary course-correction.


  • Discover the New Story that is just beginning to emerge, revealing an unprecedented vision of human destiny in this world and in the universe.


  • Explore emerging centers of aliveness that will serve as humanity's lifeboats through the stormy seas of the Anthropocene catastrophe.


  • Connect with the growing community of Deep Revolutionaries who are dedicated to birthing a new future for humanity and for this earth.


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"It was not that we had said something brilliant that no one had thought of before.
Almost the opposite. We said something that a lot of people were already thinking
but were afraid to talk about."
--Paul Kingsnorth, Dark Mountain Project


About the Presenters

Michael Brownlee & Lynette Marie Hanthorn

Founders of the Center for Co-Creation, Michael and Lynette Marie have long been working with individuals who have a unique contribution to make in the world at this crucial moment in human history. They offer revolutionary perspectives, tools, processes, and support for the challenging journey ahead!